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Customer Reviews

Our customers love diving and snorkelling with us - here's what they write in our comments book, and on Trip Advisor ... many come back time after time!


“Although confident in the water, I`d never tried scuba diving before and was very nervous. Lindsay was fantastic sorting out my booking and giving me advice before I arrived in Malta, and Kevin took me for my first `try dive`. The tuition was fantastic and the dive was absolutely amazing - so much so that I booked a second dive for just a couple of days later. I`m certain I`ll be diving again and getting a proper qualification and would definitely choose this company again if I come back to Malta which I`m sure I will.”

Hannah Lee

“Very professional and friendly. Brilliant guides. The only team we will dive with. Been diving with them for 5 years now.”

Lee Granter

“Brilliant time completing PADI open water and advanced. Excellent teaching first class dives”

Bill Boorman

“I love the Go Dive family! Thank you for training me for my PADI. We will be back!”

Hollie Barton

“They`ve looked after my dive group for the last 6 years and just keep getting better.”

Gordon Lambert

“Amazing from the moment I first made contact in the UK. Friendly knowledgable staff. Thank you so much for making my Nieces first Snorkel & my Sons first Sea dive so perfect x”

Jodie Kershaw

“Great dive company, everyone is super friendly, kit was in good condition and it all made for some spectacular diving! Highly recommend using Go Dive Malta! Thanks for an awesome 3 days!”

Nic Barke

“Great diving with you! Will be back soon, I hope! Thanks a lot to all of you!”

Oliver Marquardt

“Amazing. Best word to describe the experience and the people involved here. Alex the instructor was helpful and put me at ease for my first ever dive. Everyone made you feel safe, but still made it fun. Thanks for a top experience and see you next year, if not before!”

Jenna Kiddell

“Incredible experience diving with Go Dive Malta on the DSD course, hugely recommended for both safety, brilliant training and amazing fun. Thank you!”

Beth Mortimer

“Nice people really great to dive with. Thanx!!!”

Robert van den Brink

“The team was super friendly and awesome, you guys really made our day! They were excellent and professional in guiding first timers. It was truly an unforgettable and 5star experience. Will definitely go back again some time!”

Richard Tiong

“Always meant to do this! Great dive center who helped me a lot when I was in Malta!”

Phil Greenhalgh

“Many thanks to the guys at go dive Malta, made my return to diving so easy, you guys ROCK, all the best thank you”

Ali Khan

“Had an amazing time, I didn`t realise Malta had such a diverse marine life, in relatively shallow waters, would definitely recommend and have planned a trip to come back in November 2015!”

Jess Bridgman

“It was very fun experience which I will do again!”

Frank - Netherlands

“Fabulous! Awesome time, will be returning later this year to dive with Kevin again!”

Jess & Adam Bridgeman

“Thank you Kevin & Lindsey for making our first time at diving so wonderful and fun. Enjoyed every moment and can`t wait to come back to do the advanced course with you. Also it was amazing you managed to get our son to swim with the jellies, he enjoyed the snorkling we did as did Paulette. Looking forward to go diving with you both next year.”

Andrew Martin

“Go Dive Malta: NOTHING compares to you! Thanks a lot see you next year. Thank you, it was amazing. ”

Fin & Lea

“Had a really wonderful time. Even got the bug to swim and the scuba was simply the best! Thank you!”

Andy & Paulette

“Kevin went out of his way to make sure my friend and I had an amazing experience. Great fun, and really reasonable prices as well!”

Stephanie Law

“Very lucky to have Kevin all to myself on x4 dives (Madonna Statue, Paradise Bay, P29 and The Right Arch). Kevin was great at pointing everything out to me, which resulted in me getting some really good photos that I would not have done without Kevin. Will definitely return to Go Dive on my next trip to Malta.”

David Crawford

“Fantastic people and fantastic dives. Couldn`t ask for a better introduction to the world of scuba. Lindsay and Kevin made a weeks holiday of getting qualified into one of the best holidays ever. My only regret is not getting the chance to buy them a beer. Next time, the drinks are on me!”

Suzi Wilkin

“Thanks Lindsay for the lovely dives last month! Your dive centre is definitely worth five stars!”

Tiina Onkamo

“Amazing experience all round, great teachers with great banter who make you feel safe and instill confidence at the same time! Would definitely recommend to anyone n everyone in the whole wide world x”

Hollie Thomson

“Thank you for a wonderful birthday. We had an amazing time, once again! See you again soon! :-) xxxx”

Hollie Thompson & Matthew Keen

“I had an amazing time this week with all the guys from Go-Dive. The team is amazing and makes the whole thing a real experience. Kevin is AMAZING! Thanks Team.”

Benjamin Wheeler - Wokingham, UK

“Than you for such an amazing experience. A great balance of looking after the slower one of us but also letting the more adventurous one go & have an adventure! You`re awesome!”

Zoe & Ben Wheeler - Wokingham, UK

“Suberb diving with Jen! Funniest ever!”

Jouni, Matias, Malin & Ina - Finland

“Thanks for a fun day + accommodating all our levels! Alex is very patient + friendly + a good time was had by all! :-)”

The Henderson Family - Norway

“Alex excellent guide/instructor. Even game me a bigger cylinder on the 2nd day. Enjoyed the dives & the company.”

Gordon Evans - UK

“Had fantastic time snorkeling, Jen was great and very helpful! Will be back next year! Thank you.”

Kirsty Linton - London, UK

“Jen was lovely, and really helpful. I came in with a fear of snorkling and left feeling relaxed and had a wonderful time.”

Owen Ford - W. Sussex, UK

“Alex & Jack were great. Very clear & confident instruction which made me feel very safe. See you again - thanks!”

Ian Taylor - Adelaide, Australia

“Alex + Jen - Great teachers & fantastic day. Need to come back for my full course!”

Brian Cockerill - Leeds, UK

“Alex - fabulous day. Thanks so much for helping grandma impress the kids!”

Kathy Dempsey - USA

“Alex + Jen are fantastic people - so calm & professional in every situation. It was a pleasure, thank you!”

Alan Reilly - Glasgow, Scotland

“Alex was on time with the pick up and friendly! Jen was an amazing instructor & the dive was breath-taking! Thanks!!! ”

Camelia - London, UK

“Alex & Jen are lovely people + amazing instructors. They both made it extremely easy to relax + enjoy the wonders of the Maltese diving experience! Highly recommended!”

Stefan Shillingford - London, UK

“Awesome dives and great time doing my Advanced and Deep speciality. Fantastic staff. Thank you Jen for all your support!”

Ali Smith - Northampton, UK

“Thank you so much! Excellent crew!”

Faith Olson - Germany

“Dived through cave! Great! Thanks Alex.”

Erik & Marjo - Netherlands

“Had a great week with the team, and many thanks to them all :-)”

Paul & Nelli - London, UK

“Thank you Alex for a great time!”

Chantal - Netherlands

“Thanks for the excellent refreshing of our knowledge! Very friendsly and competent. :-) Thank you for the diving.”

Jochen & Karen - Germany

“Had a wonderful experience - thank you so much Jen :-)”

Sofia - Sweden

“We had a wonderful time. Thanks to Diane :-) - was awesome!”

Vincent & Catlin - Germany

“Amazing experience from booking to returning. Kev + Jen were brilliant confidence building instructors. Thoroughly recommended!”

Andrew Yates - UK

“Thank you for such an amazing experience. Thank you Jen for helping me get rid of the nerves! :-)”

Chloe Waite

“Amazing experience - we will be back!”

Lasse & Tine - Denmark

“Absolutely fantastic! Saw loads of fish had a great time :-)”

Audrey & Vicky Blok

“Excellent. Very encouraging & helpful staff!”

Pye Family

“The most fun to have in all of Malta! Friendly and fun instructors, and a superb dive, wish we could go again!!”

Robin Hanson - UK

“Very very eye-opening and simply an incredible experience. Thanks again Alex & Jen!”

Georgina Hanson - UK

“Absolutely loved it! Alex & Jen were very helpful and friendly!”

Tess Hanson - UK

“Brilliant! Was great to be under the water again. Alex & Jen were fantastic instructors. BIG thank you!”

Amanda Hanson - UK

“What a great time! Instructors so helpful. Perfect end to a holiday. THANKS!”

The Linneys (again!) - UK

“Amazing dives with amazing people! Yay Seahorse!! :-)”

Anne & Kenny - Netherlands

“Absolutely wonderful! This experience makes me want to become a diver!”

Callum & Clare Saunders

“Amazing - I`m convenced I`m a mermaid now! Thanks for your patience!”

Megan Saunders + Dad!

“Great location, awesome instructor - had a GREAT time! Amazing thanks!”

Ahston, Tyler, Kate, Graham Linney - UK

“Wow, wow, wow, what amazing crew and awesome experience grin emoticon thank you SO MUCH! I loved it!”

Daniel Ellery

“Great experience, ideal to get people hooked on diving all down to great staff - THANK YOU!”

Simon O`Hara - Warrington, UK

“Changed my world! 10 out of 10! :-)”

Stockholm, Sweden + NZ

“Great time - especially the octopus!”

The Clarkes - London, UK

“It was really fantastic! Great experience. Thanks for all. x”

Ester & Pauline - Netherlands

“Great diving and lovely staff, got really looked after thanks to all of you, especially though to Jen, Alex and Deeann xxxx Sees you next year !! Susie, Matteo & Nige x”

Susie Gray

“Thank you for a very joyful fabulous dive. Jen, you did a fantastic job!! Everyone here made it a real pleasure!!”

Kotjo + Rudiger

“Than you very, very much Jen! You are a fab instructor - so chilled out + happy - just what I needed at certain moments!!?! + Thank you everyone else for being so friendly!”


“One of the most amazing experienced of our lives! Jen made the whole thing x100 better! Love the fishes - thanks Jen!”

Rebecca & Georgia - London, UK

“Diving!! Fish!! Had a fab time! Staff & instructors are amazing, felt so welcome. Definitely one to do again!”

Sam & Ben - Brighton, UK

“Alex - thanks very much for helping me get through the AOW and for making is so much fun. Savannah and I have hgad a great time!”

Carol & Savannah

“Alex is awesome, so was the diving! Thanks for a great week :-)!”

Maxim, Phoebe, Gabriel

“We all made great improvements with our diving. Fantastic fun - great experience!”

Carol, Andrew, Savannah + Jake Worne - UK

“Made getting Advanced Open Water a load of fun - absolutely brilliant! Really love the whole week diving! It`s been AWESOME!”

Dave & Harry Dawson - Scotland

“It`s obviously rare to have such `Awesome` beginners to teach - but you clearly raised your game for us - excellent all round. Many thanks indeed!”

Andrew & Jake

“Great instructors, perfect first dive! Was nervous initially, but calmed down quickly thanks to good instruction.”

Elena & Scott - London, UK

“Really great fun, super dive, hilarious diver! Great way to see Malta!”

Emily & Phil - Southampton, UK

“Kevin is the best instructor ever! I couldn't have done that without him! Thank you!”

Karolina & Scott - US

“Lindsay and Kevin are the most fun divers in the world! Thank you for the best dive EVER!”

Holly & Harvey - Malta

“Had a wonderful, wonderful week diving. First time back in the water in a few years & won't leave it so long now!!”

Ruth - UK

“Had a wonderful, wonderful week diving. First time back in the water in a few years & won't leave it so long now!”

Ruth - Scotland

“Excellent dive, conditions and guide. Thanks Jen!”

Selwyn - Hong Kong

“Great stuff. Jen was brilliant. Thanks!”

Mark & Lisa -

“Professional approach, excellent customer service, friendly, courteous staff , Alex and Jen , your knowledge of the dive sites , was brilliant, and a night dive to remember with Kevin.”

Andy Dewsbury

“From the moment we walked in and booked to the moment we left... It was great! Great people! Excellent day and experience! Thank you Jennie and Alex for fabulous day! We had great time and lots of laugh! Truly recommend them as your first time scuba diving instructors!”

Marcys Jackowska

“Really excellent dives, led be excellent guides. Pleased to have been here at the beginning. Wish you all the best. Will be back.”

Graham Foster - UK

“An excellent 4 days of really good dives. All the best.”

Alan Stewart

“Excellent. Great help! Can`t wait to dive again.”

Nancy and Corey Cook - UK

“Great diving with your gods again! I`ll be back for the Divemaster Internship one day.”

Magnus Vinje - Norway

“I had a wonderful time diving with you! You`re fantastic people (and instructors) and I`m honored to have you as friends. Good luck with the new business. I will pee in the water in Norway all the time so its hot when you get there”

Andreas Engen - Norway

“Brilliant dive - very enjoyable. All my confidence is renewed, I can`t wait to go again. Thank you so much.”

Jennie and Hew - UK

“The diving made my holiday, it was a lot of fun! Thanks for everything”

Ingvild Hogewoning - Netherlands

“It was the best experience I have ever had in my life!”

Charlie - UK

“Lynne (The adult) - so frightened I didn`t even book at first, just planned to watch the kids! Lindsay and Kevin are not only competent trained, they are also so sensitive to individual needs. I managed the training and a 40 min dive! Brilliant. Natalya - it was amazing what you saw and Lindsay was a really good trainer, it was brilliant fun.”

Lynne, Jake and Natalya - UK

“The instructors are great :- calm, professional, funny! Thanks for a great dive!”

Femke and Casper - The Netherlands

“Once in a lifetime opportunity, it was great”

Will Trant - UK

“We like it! Great fishes and a nice instructor!”

Jochem and Pauline - Holland

“Nice sharing this with you guys. You made me love diving, hope to be able to do this again and again!”

Mia - France

“We had a great time with the people here. Good, friendly and supportive instructors.”

John Moss - UK

“Thank you very much for the great days underwater with you. We always had a lot of fun and wish to come back soon.”

Manuela and Andreas - Germany

“Lindsay and Kevin, thank you so much for the great experience this week. Four great discover dives, I`m addicted for sure. Hopefully see you soon to dive again.”

Roos - The Netherlands

“Thank you so much, I really loved diving with you!”

Marloes - The Netherlands

“Excellent time, will definatley dive again! Brill instruction.”

Gemma, James, Victoria and James - UK

“Now I know why you do this everyday, one of the best things I ever done, thank you for teaching me to dive.”

Paul Attard - Malta

“Fantastic, great training, staff and locations. So glad I did it, Got the Bug now!!!!”

Doug Rambles - UK

“Very nice relaxed diving, barracuda, octopus, cuttle fish. Who could want more.”

Linda - Denmark

“Thoroughly enjoyed my time diving with you. Great transport, lovely new equipment, knowledgeable guides - this is the way it should be done.”

Martin Sansum - UK

“We all made great improvement with our diving. Fantastic fun and great experience”

Carol, Andrew, Savannah & Jake – UK

“Made getting Advanced Open Water a load of fun. Absolutely brilliant!  Really loved the whole week diving.  It`s been Awesome!”

David & Harry Dawson – UK

“Great Instructors – perfect 1st dive. Was nervous initially but calmed down quickly thanks to good instruction.”

Elena & Scott - UK

“Really great fun, super dive, hilarious instructor. Great way to see Malta.”

Emily & Phil - UK

“Thank you for the wonderful and spontaneous dives in Malta.”

Silvan – Switzerland

“Kevin is the best instructor ever. I couldn`t have done it without him.  Thank you for the best experience ever.”

Karolina & Scott – Philadelphia

“Had a wonderful, wonderful week diving.  First time back in the water after a few years and won`t leave it as long now.”

Ruth Allen - UK

“Excellent dive, conditions and guide. Thanks very much.”

Selwyn, Hong Kong

“What an excellent few days diving with true customer service provided by all the staff at Go Dive Malta. Some of the best diving in my career and some of the best dive people anywhere.”

Kevin Graham – Zimbabwe

“Completed our Open Water course. Also did a night dive and a few fun dives – will be back. Thanks for everything.”

Anna & Arklay - UK

“We found the best place to try scuba diving and we would be the happiest if we can try it again with you.”

Sofie & Joseph - Hungary

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